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Viktor Weisz

Maelstrom Consulting OG
Founder & Business Manager


With a keen interest in entrepreneurship, and his experience reflecting his passion, Viktor is currently studying Entrepreneurship at the University of Cambridge's Judge Business School, where he's honing his skills in this field. In addition to his studies, he founded a small consulting company that provides assistance to people who intend to establish companies in Austria.

As a researcher, he has developed work in the field of International Development, as well as Business Strategy partly focused on exploring the opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs in the sharing economy, specifically the drivers, mechanisms, and outcomes of sharing economy platforms from an entrepreneurial perspective and their impact on traditional industries and the wider economy, particularly in emerging and transitional economies. Based on his research, Viktor has developed insights and recommendations for entrepreneurs and policymakers who seek to create value in a more collaborative and responsible way. He also believes that the sharing economy is a key trend that is changing the way we work and live, and that it has the potential to foster innovation and sustainability.

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