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Natália Faria de Oliveira

CJLP - Community of Portuguese-Speaking Lawyers


The Community of Portuguese-Speaking Jurists was born on December 10, 2009, at the 2nd  International Congress of Law held in Lisbon, together with its illustrious founding members
This community, in addition to praising the Portuguese Language, aims to bring together jurists who speak the language of Camões, regardless of the jurisdiction where they exercise their profession, which is why we reach the whole world and, consequently, all legal systems.
Since the discussion of current issues, translated into a direct and very high level source of Comparative Law, this Community has been supporting legal events and organizing them through the International Congress of Law (ICD), as well as following the professional life of its members.
Always in the search for Law and Justice, through legal technique and science, discourse and rhetoric, in the context of the Democratic Rule of Law, as a contribution to Society and Planet Earth.


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