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Jiawei Wang

SPI - Portuguese Innovation Society
International Consultant


With 7 years of experience in research in areas such as nanoscience, nanomaterials, catalysis and sustainability, Jiawei Wang has, since joining SPI, his focused his work on the international market, especially China and Asian countries via projects related to innovation, entrepreneurship, education and agriculture. Among the key initiatives he is currently part of via his work at SPI are: ENRICH in China, ECONUTRI and more recently, EU SME Centre.
EU SME Centre is an initiative of the European Commission that provides a comprehensive range of hands-on support services to European small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) helping them in doing business in China. The project started its operations in 2010 and since July of this year is in its 4th phase, phase in which SPI joined the consortium as one of the partners. EU SME Centre services are free of charge for SMEs and business support organisation from EU and Single Market Program participating countries.
Jiawei Wang is a native Mandarin speaker with proficient skills in English. He has excellent communication and analytical abilities.

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