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Gonçalo Terenas

CEC - PGE | Business and Cultural Consortium Portugal - Guinea Equatorial
Founding President


Gonçalo Terenas, Founding President of CEC - PGE, in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, has extensive experience in international relations, with a focus on the western and central region of the African continent. 
With a dregree in Law from Universidade Moderna in Lisbon, he took his first steps in the business world cumulatively with the academic life in 1998, with a linked to entrepreneurship since then.
It was through the largest European franchising group that he started to work in international projects, integrating the 'Master Franchise of the National Business Brokers' of São Paulo and Montevideo, gaining experience and knowledge in trade and international relations. 
Leading projects in Africa since 2011, he was responsible for the internationalization of Portuguese and African companies and entrepreneurs, having also ensured cooperation between multiple entities in the sector of associativism and corporatism from north to south of Portugal, highlighting AEP, AIP, NERSANT, AICEP among many other bodies with responsibilities in the promotion of the Portuguese economy and culture.
Between the years 2010 and 2020 he took on editorial projects where publications in the financial sector and economic diplomacy stood out, as well as the creation of very relevant thematic events in the national and international panorama.
In 2017 he was proposed to the Portuguese Diaspora Council, a unique experience that allowed him to capitalize on knowledge and skills that contributed unequivocally to his international career.
Since 2018 he has held executive positions in Chambers of Commerce, Corporate Associations and Cultural Projects, with particular emphasis on the years in which he chaired the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in West Africa, based in Senegal, during which time he collaborated intensely with the diplomatic mission led by Ambassador Vitor Sereno, being in the public domain the remarkable joint work developed in favor of the Portuguese economy and Diaspora. In early 2021 he accepted an invitation to the prestigious board of the HHERF Foundation in London, assuming executive roles for projects on the African continent. In the same year he joined the Chairman Office of one of the most influential African businessmen, Chairman of the ADS group of Malian origin. 
In 2022 he creates the LAC (Lisbon Art Club) a concept inspired by the symbiosis of African and Oriental arts and that results from a path of proximity to the universe of arts and artists, with a special focus on the African continent.
Consultant and Advisor in companies of reference, both national and international, he has a relevant path of "lobbying & corporate affairs" with special focus on the world of the Diaspora, corporatism and economic diplomacy.

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