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Beatriz Almeida

AUGE Agency + CRU Ecoliving


Beatriz Almeida is an entrepreneur passionate about the world of digital marketing, sustainability and female empowerment. With extensive industry experience, she is CEO of AUGE Agency, a digital marketing agency specializing in e-commerce strategies.
Graduated in Marketing Management and Accounting, she combines her comprehensive knowledge in business with an innovative strategic vision, believing that digital marketing is a powerful engine to drive the growth and success of companies in the current scenario.
In addition to leading the AUGE Agency, Beatriz is also CEO of CRU Ecoliving, a brand of decoration products and children's games in cork. She is an enthusiast of female entrepreneurship and an active voice in the business scene, having thus launched her podcast 'Business is with them!', where she highlights inspiring stories of women entrepreneurs, sharing thei journeys, tips and challenges faced in the business world.
With her specialized knowledge in digital marketing and her passion for sustainability and female entrepreneurship, Beatriz Almeida is an influence in e-commerce and a tireless advocate for an inclusive and responsible digital economy.


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