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FIN activities

Everything you can do while participating at FIN Portugal



The Conferences are carefully curated panels that bring together people from different sectors and lines of thought within each theme.
There are some themes recurrently addressed at FIN, always from a different perspective, such as environment, technology and entrepreneurship.
The panels are, in general, preceded by Keynote Speakers who introduce the theme and give a more personal perspective, focused on their own experience and journey.
The idea of this initiative, in addition to promoting the sharing of knowledge, is also to promote critical thinking and debate with the public at the end of the speakers' intervention. It is from diversity that richness and disruption comes, opening up opportunities for new solutions.


Workshops are practical moments.
A smaller initiative, with around 20 participants, with the aim of provinding businessmen and entrepreneurs a space to discuss ideas around a theme,  giving new tools to those participating The themes are always business related, connected to internationalization or market knowledge in a specific area.
Workshops are promoted by a specialist in the field, that steers the conversation around a theme promoting constant dialogue during the Workshop.


Company pitches

FIN2023 will have a space dedicated to the presentation of participating companies or specific opportunities that companies have to offer or are looking for. All participants/exhibitors, can book a time slot for their company.


Networking is the main focus of FIN Portugal, throughout
the two days of the event, initiatives are promoted to instigate the connection not only between all present but also with VIP guests attending networking events outside the event space.

At the event venue, this connection is promoted at the coffee-break and networking initiatives that are part of the event, thus promoting the highest number of connections possible.
Registrees also have access to an exclusive platform where they can contact with other participants and schedule meetings in one of the tables available at the business matching area during the working day.

At the end of the day, events are promoted in other areas of the city of Braga, which allows, in a more informal way, to contact the participants and discover common interests and/or good business opportunities. In addition to allowing all participants to know a little more about Portugal and the history of the country and the city. 

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